A Book About Guns You Need To Have!

There are many reasons you can decide to buy a book that is related to guns. Maybe you need a guide on how to use a gun. Perhaps you want to start a gunsmithing business or better still, you need to reassure your children of the reasons you have a gun and to show them that they are safe. All these are among the reasons why you can result in searching for a book on guns on Amazon or just go to a bookshop to look for one. In this article, I will highlight for you a book you can’t miss having in your library about guns. “The Colt Pocket Hammerless Automatic Pistols”

Having pistols is very normal in the current world. People carry pistols everywhere due to the increase in insecurity levels claiming it is for self-defense. If in case you have a colt pocket hammerless pistol, than I am sure you’ve got a number of books in your house about the pistol. If your gun is new then this idea will be helpful in your library “The Colt Pocket Hammerless Automatic Pistols” is one of the books you should not miss out in your library.

Maybe your gun is faulty or altered and you want to know which officer had it way before you bought it Or you just want to have a record of the person who had it This is a great reason why you should buy the book. Many colt pocket hammerless gun owners have been waiting for the release of this book by John W. Brunner. The book has taken the author over 30 years to publish the first volume of the book. The book has a lot of useful information that will help you know about your gun history.

The author has used all the available information about the Colt pocket hammerless guns to trace back from the time of manufacturing and the shipments of the guns to the current owners of the guns. This information he first obtained from the manufacturing company and then he followed up to know which officers had the guns and who was sold to later on Isn’t this amazing follow-up? I can guarantee that with this well-illustrated guide, you can never have to question a 25, 32 or even a 380 ever again. All the colt pistols in his work have been well photographed and explained in detail for any collector of the pistol to see.

The most exciting part is that the book has another volume that now covers 60 years since the production of the pistols. It shows detailed variations of the two pistol models M and N and the identifications and serial numbers of the general officers who have had these pistols. The book has over 200 illustrations of the colt pocket hammerless pistols and some are colored. It is very clear that having a book about the gun you own can be very helpful in its usage. Having these productions by John. W. Brunner is one of the most important decisions you can make. This will help to follow up on your pistol in case it has been altered and even know its history. Having a receipt for it is not just enough. Make an order for the book and get to know more about your colt pocket hammerless pistol.

Elegance and Precision of best AR 15 Scopes

The reason you have landed on this page is that you have bought your AR 15 and now you are confused as to which optic is best for your rifle. Well, you are not alone as AR 15 is the most popular rifle of the United States and almost all the optics are built keeping in mind the design of AR 15. And instead of probing you to go for a brand, the information here is generic and is truly dedicated to educating you as to which optic is the best for your AR 15. Now, the thing is that AR 15 is used for multiple purposes and one scope cannot possibly fulfill all the needs. But, if you are using your rifle for home defense or hunting or target practice, then below are the elegance and precision features that the best AR 15 scopes must display:

Elegance and precision features that the best AR 15 scopes must display: Before we actually go into the details, I want to break the myth when it comes to everyone’s mind, which is the bigger the scope, the better! Well, if you know your rifle well, you must know that AR 15 contains 556 mm ammo and it is designed to shoot within the 500 yards distance. If you shoot farther, the impact is reduced. Hence, to shoot in that range, 1-4 X scope is enough. The bigger scope is good for precision but it also adds weight and is expensive.

So, for precision and elegance, here are the best features to look for in AR 15 scopes:

  1. Multi-Coated/ thick layered scopes: Most of the modern scopes are thick layers with a coating to protect your scope from glare and light emission. If your scope is glared or is exposed to too much light, the image projected from the scope will be dark and blurry, hence it is essential that your scope is either fully multi-coated or at least multicoated. The AR 15 scopes are thickly layered from air to glass surfaces when you choose a fully multi-coated scope. And in multi-coated scope, at least one side of the lens is thick layered.
  2. Waterproof, shockproof and fog proof Scope: When you purchase a scope, make sure that it is waterproof, shockproof and fog proof. The reason to it is when you are using AR 15 for hunting or home defense, it is essential that your scope is not blurred with the dew or water droplets or fog. The other thing that needs to be checked is that you need to make certain that the scope can sustain normal shocks and bumps of the rifle and it does not fall off after 100 rounds or so.
  3. Magnification, battery life, and warranty: It is better to choose a 1-6 X variable magnification scope to take an elegant and precise shot with your AR 15.1 X is useful for home defense and close combat encounters while 4-6 X can be used to get better precision in long-distance targets of hunting or target practice. Most of the scopes nowadays come with a warranty but the smartness is in checking what the warranty covers. Also, make sure that scope has better battery life. Some of the best scopes have an AA battery that lasts up to 8 years. So, instead of getting lured into traps, make sure that no matter which brand optic you choose, they have these features or at least the most of it to get the most elegant and precise scope for your AR 15.