6 Trends for Impactful Book Ideas

Being a writer can be a bumpy journey sometimes. That’s because it’s paramount to have attractive topics about which to write. What some authors haven’t figured out, however, is that writing is dynamic. People think topical issues can make useful articles but are skeptical about them being book-worthy.

Despite that, if you can do adequate research and unlock your creativity, you can write on any topic. After all, accomplishing such challenges is what distinguishes a great author from other writers. Subsequently, we’ll discuss a few recent trends and how writers can turn them into books that’ll have a significant impact.

1. Life During and After a Pandemic

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there’s been lots of change. Governments have had to lock down cities to cut the spread and shut down entire economies. This situation has affected many people and families in different ways. Healthcare workers risk their lives daily to do their jobs.

Also, laborers, who previously depended on daily wages for survival, have had to make adjustments. Although some countries and states are easing the lockdown gradually, it’s going to take a while for things to return to normal. You can write about these experiences, and if we’ve learned anything from this pandemic, it’s that people always want to hear from others.

2. Racism and Inclusiveness 

The practice of racism is older than civil society. Still, it only drew the world’s attention when communities became collectively vocal after the recent death of George Floyd. What activists have tried to say for years has now exploded in global trends and conversations. Resulting from that, people of different races have risen to fight against this evil that plagues our society.

As a writer, there are so many ways to document this. It can be from your perspective, analyzing how people around you view racism and the extent of inclusivity in your community. It could also be from the experiences of those who witnessed or have been victims of racial profiling.

3. Healthy Lifestyle

We can’t overemphasize the value of good health. Our society now understands that more than ever because of the rise in the occurrence of health problems. Studies have shown that over the last few years, there’s been an increase in a lot of avoidable conditions resulting from neglecting appropriate diet and lifestyle.

Hence, in pursuit of better health and elegance, there’s been an increase in diet and exercise trends. They include boycotting sodas and high-calorie foods, increased purchase of home gym equipment, intermittent fasting, and various low-carb diets. Writers can explore many topics can within this trend, including workout routines and functional diets like the ketogenic diet.

4. Gun Violence and Safety

Recent studies have shown that over 300 people in America suffer gunshot injuries every day, and about 33 percent die. This statistic is alarming, and it’s become a trending topic over time, especially as certain groups call for increased gun regulations. Firearms have posed a lot of danger to Americans.

However, many citizens still see the need for guns. Writers could explore the reasons for gun violence and ways to prevent them and increase our communities’ safety. Some include awareness programs and the prohibition of firearm possession by high-risk individuals. We must adhere strictly to policies, and all guns, whether an easy pull or not, must be kept appropriately.

5. Making Money Online

Making money online is another trend that became popular during the lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic. While some people could work from home, others such as janitors, restaurant workers, etc., lost their jobs entirely. This situation raised a lot of concern, especially in countries where there were no stimulus checks.

Many people turned to online opportunities to fend for themselves. Admittedly, there are a fair number of illegal dealings online. There are also as many legitimate ways to make money on the internet, including podcasts, blogs, and vlogs. People also look for good ideas for businesses that they can run from home.

6. Climate Change

Climate change has been a global trend for years now and has become even more popular. That’s especially after the 2019 tour of Swedish schoolgirl activist, Greta Thunberg, who was the Times person of the year. We also witnessed the destruction of habitats in the Amazon fires earlier this year.

It has resulted in pressure to use paper straws, wear clothes longer, and take other measures to save our environment. The culture of reducing, reuse, and recycle was one of the first campaigns which have now been adopted even by large corporations. This approach especially helps with clothes, manufacturers, and food companies who make use of plastic containers.

There are even more trends you can explore. These topics could have a widespread impact if only you can do them justice.