The difference between style and fashion

In the world of fashion, two words are often used interchangeably: style and fashion. In reality, they mean different things.

Style is an individual’s particular combination of personal tastes in clothing and accessories

Fashion is a prevailing trend in society that changes over time. The only similarity between the two words is that both involve clothes.

When you’re wearing your favorite vintage dress with a pair of old-school sneakers, you might be considered stylish but not fashionable because it doesn’t align with current trends.

We’ll explore some examples to illustrate what we mean more clearly so you can decide for yourself if your outfit falls under “style” or “fashion”. We hope this post will help clear up any confusion on these terms!

Fashion Tips for Upcoming Celebrities

Being a celebrity is one thing and being a celebrated one is yet another uphill task. It’s fun and enjoyable when everyone looks upon you for fashion, motivation, and encouragement. Behind the beautiful smiles are wounded souls who spend the sleepless night thinking of what to wear and not offend fans.

Celebrities live for their fans and not for themselves. It’s a title that comes with many public scrutinizes, and your life is in the public limelight.

Upcoming celebrities should learn from their predecessors on fashion tips to be at par with that general desire.

Despite the negative publicity you may experience, being yourself is essential. It’s never that serious.

Live your life and accept negative feedback. Use them as a stepping stone to the next level.

Here are a few things you should check out to help you sort your wardrobe needs

Strive to Be the Best

One mistake celebrities make to copy their peers to remain relevant in the fashion industry. Did you know that the dress that looked elegant on a plump body cannot be the same in a slim body?

As you throw in your clothes to your body and makeup, consider the type of body and skin color, then dress what complements it without looking artificial. Are you comfortable in your dressing?

If you are, then your fans have no option but to appreciate your sense of style.

You can’t please everyone; however, when you get to have the same comments on your dressing from different people who don’t share the exact geographical location or social influence, it’s time to rethink and make a change.

Focus on Modesty

The word that should drive your dressing style is modesty. When you want to reveal your inner parts, you have the places to do it but do it with modesty.

Your moral standards dictate the future of your public career. People look upon you for guidance and motivation; you have to carry the mantle in all spheres of your life, including your sense of fashion.

Here are a few things to try to be modest in your fashion design

  • The length of your skirt, dresses, and shorts should be longer than your arm length
  • Private parts should remain confidential, cover them
  • Put on a cloth that you can comfortably meet socialites and professional without fear
  • The sexy dressing should be for brothels or in the bedroom
  • Fit in clothes that are your size- pr too tight or too baggy

Make it Simple and Elegant

Class and style are not all about skimpy kind of dressing. Besides, you don’t have to spend a dime to look elegant; you only need to study your body shape and focus on clothes that enhance your strength and hide your body’s weak points.

When curvy, avoid baggy clothes around the area; instead, that a plus, a well-fitting dress helps to accentuate the feeling.

You can’t slay in short garments when you don’t have good legs; instead, you can rock in flawing dresses.

Your height is also a determinant of what to put on. The short women can rock in size-inch heels compared to taller individuals. A low heel with bright colors works well for tall celebrities.

Engage Fashion Professional

You are a public figure, and your looks are of people’s interest. It’s never a crime to engage a fashion professional to dress you, for they understand in-depth fashion concepts that make you become the best.

Once you pay someone, let them do their job; they know better. When you also tend to guide her, you bring confusion.

That’s when you get a celebrity to step out, and everyone is on their social media handles telling them to fire their fashion designer. Little do they know that it’s you that needs to get fired.  

Have a Color Feeling in Your Fashion

The dress or skirt or shorts or pants can be the best and well-fitting. However, have you considered the color and also your bag?

As a rule, your shoes, belt, and jewelry should have the same color, which should be available on the main outfit.

When choosing colored clothes, ensure the three are mono colors; otherwise, someone might confuse you to be the brand ambassadors for a painting company.

Color attracts your audience and creates a visual impression about you. The color should be in line with your skin tone and also your facial colors.

When you are light-skinned, dark colors are your perfect fit. While, when you are dark-skinned, avoid dark-colored clothes, you become scary.

The moderate color skin can blend in any of them as long as the color combination blends well with the overall outlook.

Incorporate Makeup and Jewelry to Add Value to Your Fashion Style

Fashion is not all about the clothes; but it is all about your general look in totality, including your makeup, jewelry, pedicure, and manicure.

They all play a crucial role in giving you an accurate picture of who you are.

Your makeup artist should always give you insights and guides on what works best for you rather than look like a cartoon or get confused as a Halloween participant.

Eat Right

All said and done, if you don’t take good care of your body through what you eat, makeup, jewelry, and expensive clothes may not make you a fashionable celebrity.

What you take in should be healthy and nutritious. If you have to make grilled food – common among public figures- ensure it’s prepared using the traditional cooking method, that is, the kamado grills known as the oldest stove.

You have all it takes to define the fashion industry as a celebrity; you only need to arm yourself with the right tips to make you walk with confidence knowing very well that you lead as people follow.

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