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The team at In Pursuit of Elegance is diverse and highly knowledge in our subject matter. It’s a team full of passionate experts with a wide array of skills including, writers, editors, fashion lovers, designers, interns, fashion photographers, and columnists.

All of these people work in tandem to ensure you get the best content. They work hard on interviews, research, writing, and compiling the best content for your consumption

John Gilbert

Founder and CEO

Peter Andrews

Fashion Designer

The Team

Here‘re some members of our team:



Lead Fashion Designer


Vice Lead Fashion Designer


Fashion Designer


Our content is guided by; 1) the latest fashion trends and 2) what celebrities and other remarkable personalities adorn on a daily basis. We also reach out to designers to bring you evergreen fashion content that’ll help you dress elegantly and confidently.


We interview all types of designers. So far, we’ve interviewed male and female apparel designers, fashion accessories designers, mass-market designers, and couture fashion designers.

We’ve also interviewed some renowned designers worldwide as well as upcoming and less known local designers. When it’s trendy and fashionable, we talk about it.

We’ve covered a whole range of fashion trends. However, some of the most common trends we’ve featured include vintage, exotic, chic, grunge, bohemian, casual, and streetwear. This isn’t an exhaustive list.

Yes. We believe in preserving the environment for our future generations. We’re advocates of sustainable fashion, and we cover materials, technologies, and behaviors that advocate for sustainability.

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